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The texture quality if blurry on just about everything I look at Buttons in game UI are unreadable Terrain is the worst looking as though you are zooming in to the pixel level It’s as though overnight Roblox has decided that this Samsung tablet is a stone age relic Obviously everything looks fine in Roblox Studio and on the PC.

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Roblox has been big about their large selection of accessories available for their players allowing them to create a character that fits each player’s tastes and styles Now more than ever Roblox‘s hats can be used to create a unique character whether they be custommade or offered by Roblox RELATED 10 Best CustomMade Hair On Roblox There have been many.

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Catalog2013 New Year’s Crown Catalog2013 New Year’s Top Hat Catalog2013 Roblox Visor Catalog2014 New Years Party Hat Catalog2014 New Years Tiara Catalog2014 New Years Top Hat Catalog2014 ROBLOX Visor Catalog2015 Graduation Cap Catalog2015 Party Hat.

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This has to be the worst hair ever created on roblox. : roblox

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The weirdest ive seen is this hat here I saw a guy with this hat on and it makes chicken noises lol Press J to jump to the feed Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts What’s your favorite Roblox game at the moment? It can be the most recent game added to your favorites or the game you’ve been playing the most.