Why Didn’t Roblox Filter Out The Word Badass

Why Didn't Roblox Filter Out The Word Badass. hope you enjoy this weird ass video i didn’t enjoy recording this at all list of bad wordsA s S f U C kB i T C.

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Up to30%cash backYou will be surprised to know that there are actually many ways through which kids can bypass the Roblox filter A few things your kids might be doing to bypass the filters include 1 Bypass the filters by using thirdparty tools This will entirely disable the filters but typically cost money so watch out for those.

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level 1 AlkanHH 5y BrokenBone Yes they are very aware According to one of the admins there are staff members whose sole job right now is to get a solid filter update out that satisfies all requirements 19 level 2 blue_sword456.

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Just like you say badass is supposed to mean something awesome or cool Also while you can’t say “WTF” you can say “TF” Anyways saying LMAO wasn’t hurting the community anyways It’s hard to find a solid reason as to why since they only decided to filter it now instead of before.

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It’s worth noting that the filter previously had a hard line on words such as “gay” “homosexual” “lesbian” “bisexual” and “transgender” These words were filtered for being sexual terms and Roblox heavily frowns upon anything related to sexual content However this hard line has since been adjusted to focus on negative connotations in an effort to support Roblox‘s LGBTQ+ user.

100 Aesthetic Roblox Usernames Well Worth Your 1k Robux How To Apps

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PLEASE REMEMBER We always need to pcall () these as the filtering may fail on Roblox’s end If you don’t know what pcall () is it’s a way of “safely erroring” if something does go wrong If it errors the Script can still run The “result” variable will be what we store the filtered text in.