Why Are Roblox Faces So Expensive

Why Are Roblox Faces So Expensive. The most expensive item in the Roblox Catalog is the Violet Valkyrie and it is a hat accessoryThis item will cost you 50000 Robux which converts to $625 This isn’t something most people would consider to be extremely affordable which is why only those who can afford the best paid access games usually buy it.

What Is Cheapest Limited On Roblox West Games why are roblox faces so expensive
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Violet Valkyrie (50000 Robux/$625) The most expensive item in the Roblox Catalog is theSummer Valk (25000 Robux/$31250) The Summer Valk is a hat accessory and it will runKorblox Deathspeaker (17000 Robux/$21250) If you pay 17000 Robux or $21250 then youSir Rich McMoneyston III Disguise (11111 Robux/$$13889) The Sir Rich McMoneyston IIISir Rich McMoneyston III (10001 Robux/$12501) This face was made for the rich as notGlorious Eagle Wings (10000 Robux/$125) The Glorious Eagle Wings have been in theBluesteel Swordpack (10000 Robux/$125) If you don’t have a problem dropping 10000Poor Man (10000 Robux/$125) Poor Man is a face that is a play on its own high price as theMr Tentacles (9090 Robux/$11363) Mr Tentacles is a hat that looks like a yellow squid andHorns Of The Creature (8000 Robux/$100) The Horns of the Creature costs 8000 Robux in.

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These are the top 10 limited faces on roblox Some are expensive due to looks like yum where as some are expensive due to rarity like red tango Enjoy!.

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Why are Roblox faces so expensive? Limiteds are expensive simply because they are limited Rich kids are most likely to have them because they have enough money to.

What Is Cheapest Limited On Roblox West Games

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Existential Angst is a face that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on January 14 2009 It can be purchased for 5000 Robux As of June 15 2020 it has been purchased 330 times and favorited 5507 times Existential Angst and Meanie are.