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Soldier House The Conquerors 3 Roblox Wikia Fandom. OverviewUsageStrategyTriviaThe Light Soldier is a unit that carries over from the original game The Conquerors It’s considered a Soldier troop/unit and is produced in the Barracks The Light Soldier is the most basic unit in TC3 along with being one of the weakest They can be killed easily by other units and thus isn’t very useful in either attack or defense situations apart from some earlyround instances If one insists on using the Light Soldier it would be wise to use it either while escorting the Scout unit or when attacking/defending plants in the early game In the Conquest Survival and King of the Hillgame modes players start with 3 Light Soldiers The Light Soldier is produced in the Barracks This unit is not as easily feared by enemy players as other units are however they can be used to take hits for your weaker units such as snipers as they share the same health stat as Heavy Soldiersand can be produced for half as much They can also be used for early game economy raiding as they are cheap and fast Later on in the game it is advised to not produce any as they fall off when stronger units come into play When using Light Soldiers it&#39s good to keep in mind that they are extremely weak and only useful for placing and defending Power Plantsearly ingame As matches get longer Light Soldiers become u The basic skinless version appears to be armed with a variant of M4 carbine the weapon of choice for the US army infantry divisions.

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The Soldier House is an original population building in The Conquerors 3 It&#39s used to increase the number of Soldiers a player can have at once When it is built the soldier cap will be increased by 1 This cap can be increased with Researching You can get up to 4 slots added to the max capacity of your solders (increasing your soldier capacity from 10 to 14).

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SummaryOverviewTriviaSoldiers Click on a unit/building name to view a more detailed description including costs to build general tips and game strategies! Soldiers are the backbone of any army These are ground units (or infantry) that are mostly created in the Barracks Other Soldiers are created in the Fort most of which are transportation units Soldiers can be very useful This can be seen through their consistent use from the beginning to the end of a round They are the most versatile units in an army They are also the only type of unit that can be garrisoned by specific transport units such as the Jeep Humvee and MediTruck The Juggernaut and Hovercraft were updated during the May 2020 Balance update “Super” units are only seen in the Survival Gamemode The Scout and Sniper were added in “The Conquerors 3” as two separate updates!.

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The third installment adds skins game modes and many more mapsThis game is made by BrokenBone previously as HatHelper “Be in the battle The Conquerors is a realtime strategy game where you command entire armies Watch your soldiers and tanks fire at enemy buildings and ally with other armies to win the game! “.

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Military The Conquerors is a game made by HatHelper The game is quite popular having achieved over 104 million place visits and over 143000 favorites The game itself is popular among the Roblox community as one of the oldest and longest running games It averages about 64000 place visits a week It is a real time strategy game about building an economy armies and bases to conquer your opponents or NPCs in several different gamemodes.

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