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Roblox Wiki Toys. The Roblox Core Pack Badlands Heist is an official Roblox toy that was released in July 2021 The toy contains the Level 5 Cowboy When you buy the toy one redeemable code is given which allows you to get the Withered Top Hat accessory on Roblox You can also buy the Roblox Core Pack Badlands Heist with two mystery figures one from the Series 10 and the other from.

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37 rowsPeZsmistic the Dread Talon Part steampunk chicken part wizard pirate and one hundred percent Roblox legend PeZsmistic aka the Dread Talon is an avian icon a veteran.

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Toys is a canceled Roblox event that was announced on the 2019 events calendar Not much is known about it but given it’s name it is suspected that Roblox planned for the event to take place at Roblox games which had their own corresponding Roblox Toys It was later replaced with Powers It is unknown why the event was replaced Trivia.

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The Toy Sword is a weapon that the Fighter role starts with It can be obtain from being the Fighter or respawning with a Lucky Respawn It has no damage debuff that kid roles normally have and it also swings faster than other weapons but it does the same damage as all other melee weapons It looks like a broadsword made out of cardboard hence the name Toy Sword.


Dungeon Quest toys are officially licensed Roblox Toys created by Jazwares Roblox Toys are small figures and building sets based on famous avatars and games Each figure can be taken apart and combined to create unique character combinations A special code is included with each figure and set that gives an exclusive virtual item when redeemed on the Roblox website.

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Roblox is a Hasbroowned brand of Nerf products based on the popular video game of the same name The Roblox Nerf blasters are all based on weapons found in several games on the platform these include Jailbreak Adopt Me! Strucid Phantom Forces MadCity Arsenal and Murder Mystery 2.