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Roblox Tool Slot. Second Save Slot By @devRebirth Use this Pass in OPOR Price 150 You get two save slots instead of one which can be accessed by.

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Any help would be GREATLY appreciated Video of my problem robloxapp202202222256081wmv (33 MB) (The script I made is basically just a recreation of the backpack without the GUI) Script local maxOnHotbar = 5 local Players = gameGetService (“Players”) local StarterGui = gameGetService (“StarterGui”) local UserInputService = game Jul 20 2020Jun 20 2020May 01 2020Apr 26 2020.

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Here is all you needMy official Twitter accounthttps//twittercom/KevinPlaysLT2Donate paypalme/JRivera735Veil https//youtube/RGJAbw0J50EMy Discordhttp.

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In Roblox Islands players can create a new save slot to play on multiple islands without losing any progress To do so the player must launch the game and press the small ID Card button on the.

Customization Wings Of Fire Roblox Wiki Fandom

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I plan on make an extension video for this Backpack GUI! However I hope this in itself is also helpful cfinished producthttps//wwwrobloxcom/catalog/.