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Roblox Survive The Disasters 2 Undyne. Survive the Disasters 2 is the sequel to VyrissDev’s Survive the Disasters! It has the same objective as the original game except there’s many new mechanics to the series including new disasters maps shop etc Survive The Disasters 2 uses a.

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Roblox (Survive the Disasters 2) [] Stats [] HP (Normal) 2500 HP (Hyper) 8000 Damage (Normal) 35 (Spear) 60 (Wave) Damage (Hyper) 60 (Spear) 80 (Giant Spear) Rewards [] Coins 190 (Normal) 304 (Hyper) Bloxxor Award 750 Memo [] Normal [] Undyne the leader of the Royal Guard attacks all survivors! Each spear on contact inflicts 35 damage.

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Undyne attacks in the new update of my playthrough lets play in Survive the Disasters 2 in robloxGame https//wwwrobloxcom/games/180364455/view?rbxp=1407.

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Well I haven’t see any Survive the Disasters 2 let’s play videos by people such as Denis but have seen STD1 videos by Denis Maybe there wasn’t much attention by youtubers then it died down (of course I rarely check the let’s play area of roblox YouTube it’s one of the most fucked up communities I seen 2 level 2.

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DescriptionHyper UndyneTriviaUndyne is a custom boss enemy that originates from the popular game Undertale Ingame her appearance is of an armored humanoid wielding a blue spear Undyne spawns from a random enemy spawn point chasing the closest survivors and doing special attacks 1 SpearsUndyne summons a wave of blue spears that travel towards the nearest player They deal 35 damage o.

Hardcore Is Here Survive The Disasters 2 By Baneworth

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Hyper bosses are only available in Hardcore Modegame https//wwwrobloxcom/games/180364455My Roblox XxSamuelEl_ProxXHyper bosses (Giant Noob Undyne and.