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Roblox Strife Rankings. Strife! is a game created by the user Fenrier The game has 7000000 visits and 83000 favorites This game is currently in alpha In this game Strife! is a fighting game that lets you have 20 different classes to choose from After everyone.

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C rank Vulca ( pretty mediocore bad defences quite terrible against most of the a rank classes in my list) Proto ( Nerfed so it isn’t as op as the old proto Still annoying bad overall to play as) Cryo ( severely overrated it isn’t bad just not as good as people make it out to be)Missing robloxMust include.

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First Encounter Assault Recon (commonly initialized FEAR or FEAR) used to be the third largest group on ROBLOX (20102014) largest clan on ROBLOX (20102016) and currently the third oldest military themed Clan on roblox thanks to massive recruitment phases in the group It has a rich history involving appreciation respect and accusations.

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This is the official wikia for the currently indevelopment game Strife! by Fenrier Strife! is a fighting genre game created on Roblox featuring movebased freestyle combat and a myriad of unique classes We have done 89 articles in this wikia since March 2015 Categories.

Total War Battles Kingdoms Review A Gold Digging Disappointment Onrpg

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Rank Number of Days Rewards Rank 1 60 Days Advent Attire (Strife Vest Strife Gloves Strife Bags Strife Boots) Rank 2 150 Days Tantalus Attire (Tantalus Vest Tantalus Cuffs Tantalus Breeches Tantalus Boots) Rank 3 240 Days Wild Rose Attire (Wild Rose Bandana Wild Rose Cuirass Wild Rose Armguards Wild Rose Breeches Wild Rose Boots) Rank 4 330 Days.