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Roblox Price Floor. On September 24 2013 Roblox introduced an update many users consider as controversial The Roblox development team established a price floor for clothing in the Roblox avatar shop The minimum price to sell a Tshirt was set to 10 Robux and shirts/pants was 20 Robux (or 120 tickets) Prior to this update designers can sell their items for a minimum of 1.

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The price floors are also intended to increase the flow of ROBUX into the community We have many ROBLOX developers and content creators who spend hundreds of hours on their creations At BLOXcon I personally met several developers who asked if there was some way they could share financially in their success.

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A new way to purchase items has been introduced by the mods over at Roblox Read below for further information regarding “ PRICE FLOOR “ Roblox exclaims that they want their users to start wearing premium clothing and crediting users who make quality Tshirts shirts and pants a.

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Along with UGC’s release for users who are given access to create items for it have price floors on items The minimum price an item can be is 120 Robux and the maximum remains unknown (if you happen to have access to UGC please reply to this thread and tell me) I have found many items on the UGC catalog that (in my opinion) look like they should be priced under 120 Robux.

How To Make Money Faster In Roblox S My Restaurant Levelskip


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The price floor is a minimum price set for selling items on Roblox which was introduced on September 24 2013 Info Along with the outlines update the price floor update was heavily criticized by the community upon its release Prior to this update the minimum price of Tshirts Shirts and Pants was 1 Robux and 1 ticket This update raised the minimum price to.