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Roblox Arsenal M14 Ebr. Weapons The Admin Launcher Influencer Launcher Creagle/Golden Creagle Very Long Bat and the Fasticuffs are the only weapons exclusive to ROLVe staff The Literal Gun does the highest damage of all weapons in the game with 8101350 (10351552) damage followed by the musket with 600 (690) damage Some weapons have a set kill effect regardless of the one you have.

M14 Ebr Roblox roblox arsenal m14 ebr
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Not to be confused with the G19X and G21 “No mercy to spare today”―Murderous Child The G18 or the Glock 18 is a selectivefire variant of the Glock 17 that is developed at the request of the Austrian counterterrorist unit EKO Cobra and as a way to internally test Glock components under high strain conditions Originally produced in 1986 this machine pistol–class firearm.

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