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Oof Roblox Wiki. Oof is a room that contains a lot of noob heads A room with yellow noob facesin the middlethere’ll be a giant noob headWhile your’re in the roomit’ll play a.

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DeathsOof ButtonsTShirtsGearVipOther StuffTriviaEach Button has a cooldown on each click However Loud buttons have a 1 Minute Cooldown before being clicked againLegend Strikethrough = Removed Bold = Loud Bold and Strikethrough= Loud and Removed 1 OOF Normal Death Sound 2 FOO Same but in reverse 3 OUCH The unused Kid saying ouch sound but loud 4 helicopter With tremolo effect 5 Low OOF Really lo.

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Happy Oofday! is a singleplayer horror game created by Oof Games 2 The game revolves around the player attempting to survive a mysterious murderer at a birthday party The unknown red figure has defeated Superior Oof at his first attempt to murder you but that wasn’t the end of him Someone or something mysterious has revived Oof‘s spirit for it’s second attempt to.

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Mt Oof is a mountain in Robloxia It has a cave which contains a facility storing rare and native species in MtOof.

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Oofer is 1315 year old character who is known for being dumb and his catchphrase “it’s a good day today” Max Health 450 WalkSpeed 20 Jump Power 50 Damage 10 Firerate 01 Damage per second 100 Ability Plot Armor (ForceField for 10 seconds) Oofer’s decent damage combined with his Plot Armor can do a lot of damage or even kill highhealth characters His first line is.

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Oof Games 2 is a noobbased game development group owned by OofGamesLord known for their games Push Oof‘s Off Skyscrapers Oof Simulator 2 and Happy Oofday! It was created after the deletion of Oof Games due to OofGamesLord doing giveaways of free Robux Most of the staff members have left due to the CoOwner Craixzo causing conflicts and convincing almost all.