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List Of Roblox Scammers. 11 rowsMrSTR4TClaus (aka STR4T) is a Roblox user most known for making the very controversial Roblox gambling website Rbxflip He earned his criticism when a YouTuber named greenlegocats123 known on Roblox as CowCowManManThingIt made aUSERNAMEREASONjaredvaldez4 is considered to be the most JuliusColesV2 is a user who copied and Christina8787 is the creator of a popular SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX first became popular.

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Another scammer that didn’t even tried Other Looks like someone is trying to scam Anyone knows him? He prerecords his “livestreams” and tricks roblox users that they will get robux If you want to watch him he will say a lot of “steps” He also doesn’t point out usernames that were in the stream chat sooo 100% prerecorded.

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These Roblox Games WILL Scam You and I didn’t expect how they did itRoblox Group https//wwwrobloxcom/groups/3950361/Laughability#!/aboutFollow my soc.

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This list is constantly updated! Last update 1117am AEST 31 December 2021 —————— The amount of scammers throughout the Roblox community has seemed to spike recently and so people have begun to create scammer lists in order to Keep track of scammers and Have a record of a scammer’s name in a post.

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Scammer list Other First things first credit to u/ycx_xo and u/Moa_81 for all the names of scammers from these posts roblox username woahkathyz! mm/mw only ! ik i have no karma but im fully aware of the rules and steps of crosstrading as ive done trades in the past!.