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TURN ON ANNOTATIONS!Quick video showing you how to get to the crystal cave and get crystals on TreeLands (roblox)If this helped smash that like button!.

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You will need to collect the fruit (s) he asks for and put it in the box in front of him After placing at least the required amount of fruit speak to Suhreen again A higher value of fruit will spawn in the same box for you to collect sell or plantMissing robloxMust include.

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With her glorious Autumn Staff the Queen of the TreeLands sends nature’s blessings to all who come to play in TheNewFissy’s building game TreeLands Passed down from generation to generation the Autumn Staff is said to grant unbelievable divine power to the current wielder Includes 1 Figure Acessories Collector’s Checklist and an.

Treelands Game Review Roblox Amino

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SummaryLower CaveNoteThe Caves are two locations where crystals spawn in the map the Cave Extensionand the Lower Cave All crystals inside the cave spawn at night and all unpicked ones will disappear at dawn The Caveis filled with large crystals that represent what color of the crystals you can find in there but only the smaller ones around set locations can be picked up and sold When you enter the caMissing robloxMust include.