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How To Get All Elusives In Monsters Of Etheria Roblox. Skins are a feature in Monsters of Etheria that changes how Etherians look Skins can be obtained through events codes crates and fulfilling specific criteria All skins are divided into tiers which affect what skins mix with others Tier 1 skins are the skins that change the Etherian the most Skins in this tier change the model of the Etherian using them and consist of Normal BDay.

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Behero is unlocked by exploring the Swamp Behero was created and animated by Bobb2008 Behero is a bipedal monster Its has a head that gives off the appearance that it is wearing a helmet with two horns one big one in the front and a smaller one in the back It has two eyes in a darker portion of its face It seems to have an armorlike body on its shoulders and its two.

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Electric + Kitty = ElekityMonsters Of Etheria https//webrobloxcom/games/70523152/BALANCINGMonstersofEtheriaBackground music are provided byGlitchxCit.

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Elekity is an Electrictype Etherian It mutates into Tesline at level 37 Elekity’s fur constantly holds an electrical charge so those who touch it always receive a static shock It’s advised to keep your distance from one during a thunderstorm as lightning always seems to strike it no matter the location Elekity is a small grayishpurple cat with spikes of fluff pointing out from its.

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The Explorer is the only unlocked “monster” for new players when they first join the game Explorer ROBLOX is as the creator for the Explorer The explorer is the player’s avatar with a height of 15 meters and a weight of 544 kilograms The Explorer is a basic type “monster” with no gender because it is defined by the player The Explorer has no skins The skins tab is removed from.