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How To Delete Roblox Friends. In case a user wants to remove a certain user from the list the instruction are as follows Select Friends from the Roblox Main Menu From the Friends list select the username you wish to remove.

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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I had 200 friends and I unfriended my friends intell I had 22 friends! It only took like 1 minute to to this! It is WAY WAY better them the roblox unfriending system! I would REALLY recommend this! I love this so much! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS! YOU MADE MY LIFE MORE EASY!.

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(20210919) supermaeri playz ah yes this saves me so much time on removing friends on roblox just because i 200 friends (max capacity for friends list) of the friend list and now i am down to 46 friends on roblox thank you roblox friend removal button extension very cool ????.

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If you no longer wish to have someone in your friends list you may wish to delete them To do this first navigate to their profile Once there you will see a box at the top of the page containing their username some buttons and friends/follower information Click the Unfriend button and they will be removed from your list What do friends do?.

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Mass remove friends Immersor (Immersor) October 25 2015 845pm #1 Ok so I have far too many people on my friends list When I was new as a developer I accepted all friend requests and now it’s far too late to go through 1 by 1 I would like to request support for deleting large amounts of people on a friends list at onceDec 23 2021Mar 20 2020Dec 02 2015Apr 23 2015.