How Roblox Is Better Than Fortnite Sucks

How Roblox Is Better Than Fortnite Sucks. I had fun being a noob on ROBLOX Arsenal and getting a quick break from Fortnite How would you rate Arsenal 110?This is a Roblox video but I stuck with my.

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Other roblox games include cringe rip offs of actual trending games and trying to make a roblox pun out of the title (Grand Blox Auto Call of Robloxia Overblox ROBG etc) cough roblox fortnite Then we got the ultimate example of a real cash cow Jailbreak.

Is Roblox better than Fortnite? Answers

and I like fortnite reply [deleted] 4 ups 0 ups 1y 1 reply Roblox is way better than minecraft reply [deleted] 5 ups 1y 1 reply It’s just an opinion Everyone has their own liking reply SwiftNumbr 0 ups 1y I just posted that comment because I was bored reply DogeAddict43 0 ups 1y 2 replies minecraft sucks man play roblox.

Every reason why AR 2 will suck, regardless being in alpha

If you’re a Minecraft fanboy about to scream your lungs out two things 1 Don’t do that And 2 ROBLOX is better If you have a problem with that we’ll be happy to rant you That’s true but age doesn’t make a game better Fortninte came out before Breath of the Wild but Fortnite just sucks This means they put more effort into Minecraft.

Which is a better game? Roblox, Minecraft, or Fortnite

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Honestly, roblox sucks. Minecraft is best. Imgflip

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Roblox” is better thanFortnite” because Fortnite is mostly a killing game but it can be fun with all the characters you can get and others! But Roblox has many fun games like Murder Mystery 2.