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How Much Does The Minigun Cost In Rtd Roblox. The Heavy claims that it costs 400000 dollars to fire the Minigun for twelve seconds presumably not counting the spinup time At the claimed 10000 rounds per minute the cost of each bullet would be $200 Ingame the Minigun fires 4 rounds every 105 second or.

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OverviewBackgroundTipsTriviaThe Minigunis a very powerful and heavy gun with 6 barrels and 600 bullets on it’s magazine Take a zombie any zombie and it will kill it within seconds.

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The Minigun comes with a heavy spread penalty that renders this weapon useless at long range but extremely deadly at close range The Minigun can be obtained by purchasing the Mega VIP Gamepass for R$350 It is then automatically added to your inventory Categories Categories.

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The minigun disappears when the player does an Infamy On an unknown date the accuracy of the Minigun was highly increased but its damage also decreased The Minigun is based off the reallife GAU19 threebarrel rotary Heavy Machine Gun The Mystical Juggernaut is the only enemy to wield the minigun Skins.

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Minigun is the last gun purchased in Zombie Attack It has 5 stars on every stats Despite its max stats the minigun deals 26 damage per shot is not very accurate and the firerate is very fast ( Stars are innacurate ) The minigun is the best gun added in the game (added during V3) The minigun’s price was 250000 cash when it was first release When the alien event (V8) was.

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