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Do You Have To Enter Billing Info For Roblox. Payment Information If you choose to become a member of Roblox you will need to provide Payment information Billing address Email address Gameplay All chats are monitored to ensure that users do not share personal information use offensive language and more.

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Please enter this debited amount in the field below*Enter the temporarily debited amount**USD*To verify that you are the holder of this card we have temporarily debited an amount of less than $*** USD from your account which we will refund in full within * hours*Please enter the debit amount in the box above.

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We may collect other personal information when you use our platform for example if you or your parents buy Robux we will collect additional information from the buyer in order to take the payment such as your name billing address email address and payment card details or other payment information When you type content on Roblox in public chat private.

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Billing I have membership Robux or payment questions General Billing Unauthorized Charges & Refund Requests I just bought something.

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If you chose to pay with a credit or debit card enter the details from the card If you‘re using a Roblox card enter the PIN from the card and click Redeem If you selected PayPal follow the onscreen instructions to sign into your PayPal account and complete your payment If you‘re paying with a credit or debit card you‘ll also have to enter your email address.

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The first thing that you should do if you’re unable to get or send messages on Roblox is to change the privacy settings In most cases the chat is blocked off for all new accounts and has to be enabled manually before players can communicate with othersOpen up Roblox and then go to the settings menu.