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Build To Survive Roblox Wiki. This will cover 25 upgrade combos that are good to survive Laser + Beam (Not so good because of its fire rate the combo below this is recommended) Penta Shot + Laser/Beam (Best for most enemies) 3 Upgrade slots Laser + Beam + Fast fire/Burst Shot/Penta Shot Sun + Duel + Fast/Burst/Penta 4 Upgrade slots Sun + Duel + Fast/Burst + Penta.

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Welcome to Build & Survive Wiki! Welcome to the unofficial Build & Survive wiki! A Roblox game by BIG Games! Build a fort with your friends! Survive waves of robots and zombies! Combine dozens of upgrades to create a weapon of ultimate destruction! Policies.

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Build To Survive Drakobloxxers! is a popular game on Roblox created by papasmurf The game was created on July 12 2008 It has around 150000 favorites The description is [ Content Deleted ] for unknown reasons Gameplay In the game players have 300 seconds to build a creation using a variety of bricks Players are provided with two building tools.

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Build to the Survive the monsters is a trend of roblox games started by an unknown user The goal of these games is to build a base to “protect yourself monsters” Why They’re All Garbage They are all incredibly easy You can just build a 6 block tall tower and BOOM! you are invincible and you win.

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Sun Beam This upgrade costs 4999 Robux it launches a big beam that also when hit will damage other enemies around it damage is unknown but it can oneshot any enemy and its firerate is low Rays of light fall from the sky upon impact with an enemy It is the most expensive Robux upgrade in the game Community content is available under CCBY.

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How 2 Survive is a survival game based off of Booga Booga CLASSIC and Barren You obtain materials craft armor and weapons and build tough bases When you die you lose all crafted gear but keep your resources You can make a clan and wage war on other clans earn money and buy things from other players How 2 Play.