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Big Brother 18 Uk Roblox. Big Brother 1 was the first edition of Roblox Big Brother on NickDominates’ channel The season is remembered for the skinny icon Slim Thicc Queen and also for notable contestants such as Antonio and Keesha and led to the sequel Big Brother 2 and also the spinoff Eviction Notice Originally Slim Thicc Queen entered in to the house as a latecomer and was therefore.

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ROBLOX Big Brother is a growing Roleplay based on the UK version of reality TV show Big Brother It is part of the group Zendarium’s Big Brother which will be hosting Big Brother 2 after the Celebrity Big Brother Series 1If you are planning to join Series 2 then it is suggested you continue reading this post.

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Hosted by ninjawarrior11111111.

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OverviewTwistsBig Brother UK SAA ◄ ► Series 12 (2017) Housemates Name Entered Exited Matthew Day 1 Day 28 Amira Day 5 Day 28 Kris & Tris Day 1 Day 28 Brittany Day 1 Day 28 Jordan Day 1 Day 28 Henry Day 11 Day 28 Alexia Day 11 Day 26 Teddy Day 1 Day 26 Edward Day 1 Day 26 Trisha Day 1 Day 23 Cassi Day 11 Day 21 Lily Day 1 Day 20 Oliver Day 1 Day 18 Abigail Day 1 Day 17 Archie Day 1 Text under.

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