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Bacon Hair And Bacon Flakes Roblox. An image tagged cerealroblox Oml I know what not to eat for breakfast XD.

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Roblox Bacon Hair Hackers View source History Talk (0) It was a good day for playing Kingdom Life 2TM I joined a random server there was more hackers (BaconHair1BaconHair2BaconHair3BaconHair4 and BaconHair5) I think there it’s only one but he maked clones and named it First Bacon Hair it’s BaconHair1 he can control grass to go in air.

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BaconBacon” also known as Newbie Noob New Player and Bacon Hair is how your avatar looks like when you join ROBLOX there is a Male Bacon and a Female Bacon If you chose to have a female account on ROBLOX you will get the Female Bacon Avatar If you chose to have a male account then you will get the Male Bacon Avatar.

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Bacon hair has been free on roblox for the last 12 years It has been a symbol of noobs in roblox and known as BACON HAIR! But now it costs 90 robux to buy it so therefore the meme is over Please sign this petition if you think BACON HAIR SHOULD BE FREE AGAIN! Sign Petition Sign Petition See more petitions.

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You’re playing Roblox High School There’s nobody around and your skateboard is gone Out of the corner of your eye you spot him A Bacon Hair.